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    Dive into transformative experiences that foster unity, communication, and motivation. With Teambo, unlock the true potential of your team, creating bonds that drive success and growth.

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    Experience the convenience of Teambo's mobile teambuilding sessions, tailored to your location. From the heart of South Africa to the serene shores of Mauritius and the vast landscapes of Namibia, Teambo ensures every session is as memorable as it is transformative.

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    Teambo Corporate Teambuilding

    Discover Teambo's meticulously crafted corporate packages, designed to foster collaboration, trust, and motivation. From interactive sessions to dynamic activities, we transform workspaces into hubs of creativity and unity.

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    Teambo School Packages

    Teambo's specialized packages for schools and universities are tailored to inspire, unite, and motivate. From staff sessions to student orientations, we bring rhythm, energy, and unity to the academic realm.

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    Teambo for Events and Entertainment

    With Teambo, events transcend the ordinary. Dive into a world of rhythmic beats, interactive sessions, and unforgettable moments, ensuring every gathering becomes a memorable celebration.

  • Rhythmic Revelations


    Dive into the captivating world of Boomwhackers.  More than just instruments, Boomwhackers offer a rhythmic journey, and Teambo, with over a decade of mastery, amplifies this experience. From intimate gatherings to grand events with up to 5000 participants, Teambo crafts a harmonious symphony where participants unite in harmony, crafting a symphony that fills the venue.


Established in 2012 by the visionary Beukes van Zyl, Teambo is a premier training, coaching, and teambuilding company in South Africa. Specializing in fostering collaboration, enhancing communication, and building trust among team members, Teambo crafts unforgettable experiences through their signature performances and activities. Catering to diverse teams in South Africa, Mauritius, and Namibia, they utilize innovative techniques and exercises to ensure teams are more cohesive, motivated, and efficient. 


The heartbeat of any organization is its people – the staff, the students, the players. 

A cohesive, communicative, and motivated team propels success. Teambo bridges the gap between potential and performance, driving unity, positivity, and communication. Experience the joy of laughter, the thrill of engagement, and the power of positive change.

Teambo Visionary Beukes van Zyl


Teambo Corporate Teambuilding and Entertainment

Empowering Corporate Teams

Across South Africa, Namibia, Lesotho and Mauritius

Teambo offers tailor-made corporate packages designed to enhance collaboration and positivity in the workplace. Combining engaging activities with result-driven exercises, Teambo delivers sessions that are both fun and impactful. Dive into interactive musical experiences or challenge your team with dynamic games. Whether you aim to solidify team bonds, empower leadership, or invigorate corporate planning, Teambo is your go-to for transformative teambuilding experiences.

Teambo School Teambuilding and Entertainment

Uniting Students and Educators Through Engaging Activities

Across South Africa, Namibia, Lesotho and Mauritius

Teambo is dedicated to nurturing the educational sector, offering specialized packages tailored for educators, students, and sports teams. From sessions designed to rejuvenate teaching staff with humor and rhythm to high-energy activities for specific school groups, Teambo ensures a cohesive and spirited learning environment. As students transition between academic phases, Teambo’s orientation and appreciation sessions provide the support and celebration they deserve.

Teambo Universities and Higher Education Teambuilding and Entertainment

Transforming University Life with Dynamic Engagement and Unity

Across South Africa, Namibia, Lesotho and Mauritius

Teambo offers dynamic teambuilding and entertainment packages designed to enhance university life across South Africa, Namibia, Lesotho, and Mauritius. Their services cater to a variety of university events, such as opening ceremonies and sports team building, aiming to foster unity, personal growth, and a cohesive campus community. Tailored specifically for diverse educational settings, Teambo’s activities support not just fun but also academic and social achievements, enhancing the experience for students, staff, and faculty alike. They extend their offerings to various higher education centers, ensuring each session is engaging, inclusive, and has a lasting impact on campus morale and unity.

Teambo Event Entertainment Services:

Transforming Gatherings into Unforgettable Experiences

Across South Africa, Namibia, Lesotho and Mauritius

Beyond traditional teambuilding. Teambo transforms events into unforgettable experiences, blending rhythm, energy, and engagement. Whether it’s the captivating beats of their boomwhackers, the soulful tones of Djembe drumming, or the exhilarating Teambo Game Show, every offering is designed to captivate and connect audiences. Specializing in both intimate gatherings and grand-scale events,  up to 5,000, turning every occasion into a vibrant spectacle. 

Boomwhacking with Teambo

Uniting Crowds with Interactive Entertainment

Across South Africa, Namibia, Lesotho and Mauritius

Teambo redefines team building and crowd engagement through our cutting-edge Boomwhacking services, delivering interactive entertainment that captivates and energizes groups of all sizes. Our Boomwhacking sessions are more than just musical activities; they are designed to enhance group dynamics, promote teamwork, and provide unforgettable entertainment experiences.


Teambo MegaBlocks

Experience the evolution of team building with MegaBlocks.

Teambo Zen Drums

Rhythms that resonate, drums that inspire. Dive into the Zen experience.


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