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Teambo is a professional training, coaching, and teambuilding company, standing tall as one of the most prominent entities in South Africa. The company is dedicated to creating unforgettable experiences with their signature performances and teambuilding activities, catering to diverse teams throughout South Africa, Mauritius, and Namibia.

South Africa, with its diverse landscapes ranging from the bustling urban centers to the serene countryside, provides a perfect backdrop for Teambo’s innovative teambuilding activities. Mauritius, an island paradise known for its pristine beaches and lush greenery, has also witnessed the magic of Teambo’s teambuilding sessions, adding a touch of rhythm to its tropical ambiance. Namibia, with its vast deserts and unique terrains, offers a challenging yet exciting landscape, making Teambo’s activities even more adventurous and memorable.

Expanding its horizons, Teambo has also ventured internationally, facilitating teambuilding sessions in countries like the UK and China. A significant feather in Teambo’s cap was representing South Africa at the World International Music Festival in China in 2013. With such global acclaim, Teambo is enthusiastic about reaching more places and touching more lives with their sessions.

The Visionary: Beukes van Zyl

Founded in 2012 by Beukes van Zyl, Teambo’s success is deeply intertwined with his passion and dedication. Beukes, a stalwart in the entertainment industry of South Africa, has been weaving magic since 2003. Not just the founder of Teambo Facilitators, he also expanded the brand’s footprint with Teambo Mauritius in 2020, bringing a variety of teambuilding activities to the picturesque island.

Beukes van Zyl has extensive experience in the entertainment industry. Recognized as the voice for platforms like OFM Street Squad and Windmill Casino, he’s also showcased his talent by representing South Africa on SABC and SuperSport 1, singing the National Anthem. His appearances on Kyknet and MK89 on DSTV, along with collaborations with top South African artists, underscore his professional journey. With a distinct style, Beukes has emceed over 1200 events globally, with functions spanning across South Africa, China, New Zealand, and America, marking his significant contribution to Teambo’s success.


Your greatest resource are your people: your staff, your students, your players.

These individuals form the backbone of any successful organization, institution, or team. The strength of your team isn’t just in numbers, but in unity, communication, trust, motivation, and morale. When a team embodies these qualities, it positively impacts the company they work for, the educational institution they’re a part of, or the sports team they represent.

Teambo understands the essence of team dynamics and the importance of fostering these qualities. With our innovative out-of-the-box solutions, we don’t just offer activities; we offer transformative experiences. Whether it’s in a corporate setting, an educational environment, or on the sports field, Teambo’s methods are designed to drive positive outcomes. Our interactive activities and engaging ice-breakers are not just fun, but they also instigate positive changes in team dynamics.

Teambo Solutions:

But it’s not all about work. Teambo believes in the power of joy, laughter, and shared memories. Every event we facilitate is imbued with a sense of fun, ensuring that participants not only benefit from the team-building exercises but also have a genuinely enjoyable time. With Teambo, you’re not just investing in teambuilding; you’re investing in memorable experiences that resonate, uplift, and inspire. So, when you think of creating a cohesive, effective, and happy team, think Teambo.

Teambo Creatively Cultivates:

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Warmbaths Funzone Manager

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A few of the International sporting teams we have worked with

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Testimonials from Our Happy Clients!

Dear Beukes & Teambo team! Outstanding is an understatement!! Thank you so much for the once in a lifetime experience you offered to our learners! The excitement and joy you brought to our school will surely be always remembered. Ons personeel het elke oomblik van julle positiewe energie saam geniet! Wanneer jy teen die einde van ‘n skool jaar terugvoer ontvang soos: “Ek werk sommer nou deur die vakansie”, moet jy weet julle het verseker ‘n impak gemaak! Baie dankie vir julle vriendelike “professionele pret” en ekstra moeite! Ons waardeer julle opreg! Teambo so voort!
Hi Beukes. I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to you and your team for the excellent team building session held in the Northern Cape. We had great fun and my team are still raving about the session. Even the shy staff members came out of their shells. My staff are practically all begging for another team building session which I hope to plan soon. However, the most significant thing is that the staff worked and enjoyed it as a team. We look forward to another session very soon. Thank you once again to you and your dynamic team.
We would sincerely like to thank you and you team for the awesome promotion on Friday and all the hours and effort you put in. We are extremely happy and satisfied with the outcome and will definitely discuss doing something like this again in the next financial year. Please thank your team on our behalf as well.
Another amazing team experience with the crew at TEAMBO, thanks very much for the great attitude and energy. The Sun Wolves had a great night and will be a better team for the unique team building experience. Thanks again
Beukes en span is SUPER AWESOME! Die kinders het elke oomblik geniet! Dit was ‘n baie spesiale ervaring en onnies bewonder jou professionaliteit en die manier hoe jy met so ‘n groot groep werk.
They bring out the best in a person,not only teaching you how to succeed in their games but the importance of unity,good communication skills between group members nd trust as well…teambo teambuilding is the best
Teambo are true professionals, delivering outstanding work. Personnel are friendly, helpful and know exactly what they are doing. Beukes van Zyl, the Director, is an exceptional person.
WOW – Teambo really exceeded all our expectations we had for our team building event! We had so much fun and laughed all the way throughout the sessions! Don’t delay, get hold of Teambo today!
Ons wil jul net weereens bedank vir die FANTASTIESE dag wat julle vir ons aangebied het Vrydag. Jul het regtig ons tema van Groei en Ontwikkeling asook Proses en Ritme, vir die kantoor mense baie mooi aangespreek in jul sessies. Die dromme sessie met die Site mense, was ‘n hoendervleis oomblik. Dit was absoluut ongelooflik, en ons gaan nog vir dae lank die mense se glimlagte op hul gesigte sien. Almal was baie beindruk gewees. Ons gaan definitief weer met julle praat vir ons volgende spanbou sessie.
Just a mail to say thank you for our recent facilitated session at Black Mountain. I thought that you guys did a wonderful job with preparation, and that it contributed tremendously to the very positive result. We set very specific outcome objectives, and we managed to achieve all of them. The two days were tremendously productive and I want to thank Teambo for putting it all together for us. As you know, we now have sessions planned with our staff in teams, and I look forward to watching what we have started roll out over the next few months. Thanks once again.
Baie dankie vir julle moeite. Die terugvoer van almal wat die dag bygewoon het was oorweldigend positief! Baie het gese dit was die beste mid-jaar funksie wat ons nog ooit gehad het – alles te danke aan julle! Ons sien daarna uit om in die toekoms weer van julle gebruik te maak. Weereens dankie – julle was awesome!
Wil net vanoggend heel eerste vir julle baie dankie se vir n heerlike, en n besonderse ondervinding Vrydagaand. Julle ouens was TOPS gewees, en baie profesioneel. Ek sal julle enige tyd aanbeveel. Dra asb ook weer my groete aan Beukes en sy span oor, hulle het hulle goed van hulle taak gekwyt.
“Thanks again for a huge successful event. My boss is REALLY happy. You make me look great, guys! Looking forward to our next event ;-)” The drums were a HIT for the day…….keep up the good work


Spanning continents and crossing borders, Teambo is wherever you are.

We are nationwide. We come to YOU!

Teambo redefines the concept of teambuilding by bringing the experience directly to your doorstep. As a mobile entity, Teambo ensures that no location is too remote or too distant. With a robust presence nationwide in South Africa, Teambo’s reach doesn’t stop at the borders. Our services extend to the beautiful islands of Mauritius and the vast landscapes of Namibia. Whether you’re in the bustling heart of a city or a serene coastal town, Teambo is committed to coming to you, ensuring that every teambuilding session is as convenient as it is transformative.

Mobile Teambuilding: Teambo travels to your location, ensuring convenience and flexibility. Teambo comes to you, wherever you are. No matter where you are, Teambo brings the teambuilding excitement to you.

Nationwide Coverage in South Africa:

Comprehensive service reach across the nation.

International Presence:

Expanding horizons with services offered in Mauritius, Namibia and Lesotho.

Customized On-Site Experiences:

Tailored teambuilding sessions delivered directly to your venue.